Archived Meetings 


September 13, 2022 - What is Math Club? 

September 27,  2022 - Math Club Elections and Math Pictionary 

October 11, 2022 - Blackjack and Card Counting 

October 25, 2022 - Pumpkin Carving 

November 8, 2022 - GCU and Game Theory

November 22, 2022 - Friendsgiving 

December 6, 2022 - Optimizing Gif-Wrapping 

January 24, 2023 - Introductions and Ice Breakers

February 7, 2023 - Wits, Wagers, and Waffles

February 21, 2023 - The Game "Set"

March 7, 2023 - Pi Day

March 21, 2023 - Financial Literacy Presentation with SENDAS 

April 4, 2023 - GCU 3D Printing Prototypes 

April 18, 2023 - ASU Beating the Lottery

May 2, 2023 - Panel of Alumni


No Meetings because of Covid19 


August 27, 2019 - Ice Cream and Ice Breakers: In this meeting we kicked off the club with a presentation introducing our advisers, members, and their roles. We went over basics of how to become a math club member and some things to look forward to. After we played an icebreaker game which was a fun way for people to get to know each other.


August 27, 2019 - Ice Cream and Ice Breakers: 

In this meeting we kicked off the club with a presentation introducing our advisers, members, and their roles. We went over basics of how to become a math club member and some things to look forward to. After we played an icebreaker game which was a fun way for people to get to know each other (also there was ice cream :D). ~~

September 3, 2019 - Wits Wagers and Waffles: 

This week Math Club played the game Wits and Wagers with waffles. Played with people not waffles. It's okay because we also ate them. Not people... we ate waffles.... It was a good for people to continue to get to know each other and work together. We also touched on upcoming events on campus which served as a reminder for member requirements. ~~

September 10, 2019 - Calculator Workshop: 

For this meeting we had an informative calculator workshop for scientific and graphing calculators. Two presentations were conducted for each type. In all honesty this could have gone better, at least for the graphing calculator portion. Poor communication with a presenter led to some awkward moments and hiccups, so take note! Nevertheless, it was determined that useful information was gleaned by attendees, so it was still a positive outcome. Thorough communication with presenter in expectations should be considered if it was done again. ~~

September 17, 2019 - Building Rockets: 

In this meeting, we built model rockets! Groups of four broke off around the room and constructed model rockets while officers and advisers walked around helping those who got stuck. This meeting was enjoyable because it got people working together again, talking, and just having a relaxed time. Some things that should be considered if done again are materials. We were fortunate to have kits, however we underestimated the number of attendees and had trouble with only 2 bottles of wood glue. If done again, there most likely would not be enough kits but there are other types of rockets out there that can be made with common materials. ~~

September 24, 2019 - Guest Speaker: 

For this meeting Math Club welcomed previous MCC alumnus Keir Laos. This meeting took the form of a casual interview (more like a big conversation) with Adam talking to Keir about his educational journey from MCC and beyond. This was an interesting and informative meeting where people got to ask questions and learn from his experience. ~~

October 1, 2019 - Dodge-ball Tournament: 

This week Math Club entered the MCC dodge-ball tournament. This is always a fun outside event to get to know other clubs on campus. Plus, Math Club always seems to get farther than we expect :) ~~

October 8, 2019 - Launching rockets B^): 

This week Math Club reserved the practice field to launch the rockets made in a previous meeting. Unfortunately some technical difficulties led to no rockets getting launched. Everyone who attended was understanding and many stayed til the end, but still frustrating! It was later determined it was simply that the batteries in the launch button needed to be replaced ~~

October 15, 2019 - Registering for Classes: 

In this meeting Math Club put on a presentation to help inform students about registering for classes from tips on planning to the differences between specific math courses. ~~

October 21, 2019 - Math Competition Review: 

For this meeting Math Club reviewed questions from past AMATYC competitions, as well as strategies for success. These are always enjoyable to go over because the questions can seem daunting at first but with a little practice, one can formulate a good strategy. We had 3 members place with one being our senator at first! (nice) ~~

October 29, 2019 - Pumpkin Carving!:  

This week Math Club carved pumpkins and it was a pretty simple meeting! We asked attendees to bring their own pumpkin and we provided tools for carving. An enjoyable meeting that saw a few new faces.~~

November 5, 2019 - Pumpkin Launching Feat. Revenge of the Rockets: 

During this meeting Math Club busted out the trebuchet on the practice field with the help of some non Math Club recruits (thanks!). We also decided to bring along the rockets that had failed earlier in October. This meeting showed great turnout and conversation as per usual. Some things to note about the trebuchet are tension and counter-weight. We think there was not enough tension in the rope to provide an adequate launch. We also believe more weight is in order as some weights were forgotten (my fault). Although the pumpkin launches were sub par, the rockets launched great and we were able to finesse ourselves into extra weights for the trebuchet courtesy of the gym. Some things to note if it was done again is a lot of tweaking with the trebuchet, bringing enough projectiles to launch, and having a list of things so as not to forget. Lots of moving parts figuratively and literally. ~~

November 12, 2019 - Planetarium Shows

This meeting the Math Club organized a rather impromptu exclusive planetarium showing! We were able to watch two shows, one of which being the Tour the Universe with Pink Floyd (fantastic). This was a simple but really enjoyable meeting that was a nice break from the stress of rapidly approaching finals. The success of this meeting really hinged on good communication, as it was quite last minute. ~~

November 19, 2019 - Jeopardy Math Game: ~~

November 25, 2019 - Wrapping Presents.... With Math!: ~~

December 3, 2019 - Guest Speaker and Pizza!: ~~


January 29, 2019 - First Meeting of the Year!

February 5, 2019 - What is Calculus?

February 12, 2019 - Cryptography

February 19, 2019 - Mathemagics


August 31, 2017 - Math Club Kick-Off!

For the first meeting of the year we blew through the basics and introduced the officers for the new year. After the long but entertaining presentation from our amazing President, we played a ice-breaker game that may or may not have disclosed more than enough information about other people in the room.

September 7, 2017 - Wtts Wagers & Waffles

Witts Wagers & Waffles has become a traditional math club event.  We played a trivia type of game called wits and wagers, and will also be eating waffles.  Not toaster waffles right out of a freezer. Yes, the fresh and delicious waffles that requires someone to go through the process of adding processed ingredients into a somewhat less food-like product that you would find in the freezer section of a Wal-Mart.

September 14, 2017 - Math Mastery

The amazing Professor Sonia Esposito came to Math Club to present on math success. It is important to consider more than study skills and test preparation. During the meeting Professor Michelle Mazzuco also discussed some of the resources that the college provides such as basic and class tutoring.  

September 21, 2017 - Math Pictionary 


August 31, 2016 - First Meeting / Ice Breaker

Beginning of the year kick off.  President discussed what we do, have done, and may end up doing this semester.  Icebreaker for new members and old ones, and as always there were refreshments and snacks! 

September 7, 2016- Wits, Wagers, and WAFFLES!! 

Wits, Wagers, and Waffles!  On this glorious math meeting, we served waffles and played a game called wits & wagers.  A game that faces us with questions, the answers to which no one should realistically know.  Such as “How wealthy was Scrooge McDuck in Billions, when he finally made it to the ‘Forbes Fictional 15’ in 2007?”.  To end this prestigious event, we rewarded each person on the winning team with 100 grand!

September 14, 2016 - Guest speaker: Michelle Mazzucco 

Michelle Mazzucco gave a presentation on the various resources one can use to succeed in math courses.

September 21, 2016 - Plans for the Tutoring Center

On this meeting we went into to the math tutoring lab and scoped the place out for decorating ideas.  

September 28, 2016-  Guest speaker: David J Schultz

Professor Schultz gave a very interesting presentation on Japanese Temple Geometry.  In brief, despite isolation, Japanese mathematics, callad Wasan, flourished and a unique approach to present mathematical problems was developed.  Painted wooden tablets called sangaku were hung on display at Shinto Shrines and Buddhist temples.  Over 900 tablets have been discovered with math problems that have been solved using analytic geometry and algebraic means and the collection as a whole is frequently referred to as Japanese Temple Geometry. 

October 5, 2016- Movie 

We watched the movie stand and deliver and served fresh popcorn, refreshments provided as always.

October 11, 2016- Guest Speaker: Sonia Esposito

Presentation on improving math study skills.

October 19, 2016- Guest speaker:  Max Rossiter

Our guest speaker came to discuss whether or not major league baseball players are over payed.

October 26, 2016- Pumpkin Carvings!

On this meeting we had our annual pumpkin carving event.  No contest, just crazy fun with friends.  Great help with ignoring mid-term stress.

November 2, 2016 - ASU Transfer Ambassador

The Math Club will have an ASU transfer ambassador presenting at their meeting this week. Also, the W.P. Carey School of Business and Fulton Schools of Engineering will be accompanying the transfer ambassador at this meeting. Come listen to the presentation and get informed and ask questions!

November 9, 2016 - Guest Speaker: Rocket Science

The Math Club will have a rocket scientist, Gordon Rosner (from Orbital ATK), as a guest speaker.  Join us for this fun presentation which incorporates aspects of math and rocket science.

November 16, 2016 - Dominoes

On this meeting we attempted to beat the dominoes record.  We may not have succeeded but it was still fun! (Refreshments were provided, as always!) 

November 30, 2016-  Crazy Fun Scavenger Hunt.

If you were lucky enough to show up on this day, we had a blast which unfortunately occurred to fast.  Show up for future meetings and you may meet some interesting people and learn about some interesting things in regards to our campus.

January 25, 2017- Ice Breaker

First meeting of the fall semester.  As usual the president for math club explained what we generally do and what some of our future plans for the semester are. 

February 1, 2017- Bar Games Trivia

This week was a bar trivia style game hosted by Michelle.  The winning team may not have actually been the winning team, but everyone had fun, and that's what matters most!

February 8, 2017 - NOVA

For over 350 years, some of the greatest minds of science struggled to prove what was known as Fermat's Last Theorem—the idea that a certain simple equation had no solutions. 

February 15, 2017 - Art and Creativity in STEAM

Prof. Chowdhury and former MCC student Geoff Coppola will present on their art work.  The designs are highly symmetrical and based on mathematics. The three art pieces that Prof. Chowdhury worked on were made here on campus and are currently displayed on the Math and Art buildings.

February 22, 2017 -  Trebuchet Build!

On this meeting we discussed the upcoming SUnMaRC event as well as Pi day. Today was also the day that we finally completed building the Math Club's first trebuchet.

March 1, 2017 - Grubby Fingers

Professor Schultz presentation on Benford's law gave us all new insight on how many things that seem like they should be truly random seem to relate to logarithmic functions instead! Who would have known that something like this can be used to detect fraud?

March 8, 2017 - Pi day celebration!

Today we celebrated Pi day and Michelle engaged us with some Pi day festivities and explained how we get 3.14.. by using the ratio of the circumference to the diameter to a circle.  Congratulations to those who were awarded the super awesome Pi Pencil!!!

March 22, 2017 - Witts Wagers and Waffles

This week we are playing Wits & Wagers while having freshly made waffles! Feel free to come hungry to this one as we will be providing the waffles.

March 29, 2017 - Trebuchet Launch!

The much anticipated moment our trebuchet launch finally arrived.  The first launch using a softball was very successful, and as they say if you can launch a softball you can launch a watermelon.  This catch phrase is spot on.  I hope future members will be able to throw a watermelon further then our 75 foot mark.

April 5, 2017 - Astronomy: Objects in Orbit

Our meeting yesterday had Professor Healy teach us about calculating the positions of objects in orbit over time in any two body system. In other words, where stuff is in space as it orbits other stuff! We even got to see a computer model that was constructed by an MCC student that calculated the positions of stars in orbit around the super massive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy! 

April 12, 2017 - Club Affairs

With the end of the year closing in we discussed the clubs constitution and any changes that members may want to make.  Also with elections right around the corner the current officers discussed their roles and responsibilities to give members a better idea of what being an officer entails.  

April 19, 2017 - Traveling Salesman Problem

Professor Chowdhury 

April 26, 2017 - Honors Presentations

The honors presentations were interesting. Most peoples first thought when thinking of dumpster dimensions or moving train cars around isn't calculus, but seeing that calculus is involved really opens up your mind to seeing that much more of the world around you involves complex math then you might have initially realized!

May 5, 2017 - Last Meeting

Official math business was carried out on this last meeting of the semester.  An amendment was voted on to change article III section 1. from membership status requiring 4 consecutive meetings or 6 total overall to just requiring attendance to four meetings to become a member of math club.


September 3, 2015 - Introduction Meeting/Activity

Introduction to the club for new members and activity to help people get acquainted.

September 10, 2015 - Guest Speaker: Sonia Esposito

Discussed practical strategies for test taking and handling the related stresses.

September 17, 2015 - NOVA Video

Video on math and whether or not it is an invention of man, or a property of the universe that is discovered.

September 24, 2015 - Guest Speaker: David Schultz

Everything comes back the higher you go in math... Guest speaker David Schultz provided insight into relationships between the math you do in lower level math classes and the math done in the higher level classes and even out into the professional field. Using distance formula as an example we were able to see how this formula taught in Beginner Algebra comes back again in College Algebra/Functions then again in Calculus with Analytical Geometry III and has even been used in hospitals for triage.

October 1, 2015 - Math Pictionary

Drawing pictographs to represent math terms can be tricky, but the outcome is a good time and plenty of laughs!

October 8, 2015 - Volunteer Project

The club prepared giveaway bags that were handed out at the AMATYC conference held on campus.

October 15, 2015 - Math Hangman

This week was midterms for most people so the meeting was kept to a fun game of math hangman and refreshments.

October 22, 2015 - Math Jeopardy

Preparing for the bi-annual math contest held at MCC is not like preparing for other tests. This week the club played Jeopardy with a math twist to help see how getting the right answer is more important than how that answer is achieved.

October 29, 2015 - Pumpkin Carving

The math club carved pumpkins just before Halloween. There were some great designs, some scary, some goofy, and even some with math symbols. It was a great way to relieve the stress of midterms.

November 4, 2015 - Planetarium Trip

The math club took a field trip to the Planetarium at MCC. The club got to view some great presentations on the wonders of the universe, as well as a Pink Floyd adventure.

November 12, 2015 - Guest Speaker: Rino Mazzucco

Guest speaker Rino Mazzucca visited the math club to present a unique class at MCC where building custom guitars is used as a means to teach electrical engineering. Many interested students showed up for this meeting and is a great example of how diverse math club meetings can be!

November 19, 2015 - Kakuro Puzzles

This semester the math club enjoyed a number of meetings that involved games with math themes.

December 3, 2015 - Guest Speaker: Amadou Gaye

We got to learn about how math can be used to fight cancer! Guest speaker Amadou Gaye presented interesting mathematical models used to create a map of the human brain with areas of developing cancer and ran through super computers to analyze the data and predict where the cancer will spread over the coming months. This information is useful for knowing how to fight the cancer over that period of time or even if it will be worth it to the patient to put them through cancer treatments.

December 10, 2015 - Final Meeting

We had a student presentation to start off the final meeting, but the majority of the session was a time for the club to share some good food and memories of the semester.

February 1, 2016 - First Meeting

Breaking the ice. We all introduced ourselves to each-other and got to see some new faces. Went over some upcoming plans for a weekend trip and other upcoming activities while enjoying pizza and learning a bit about the club.

February 8, 2016 - Planning

We got input on suggestions for what we can do this semester, will we be going on trips, playing games, or practicing math success tactics? Hopefully all of those options!

February 22, 2016 - Guest Speaker: Sonia Esposito

We all took a test to see how well our current math study habits ranked. Then we went over useful advice to improve our math study habits for the future. Everyone left with useful tricks and habits that can lead to better math grades going forward.

February 29, 2016 - Practice for the Math Competition

Some of us signed up to help sell tickets for pie day. We also practiced for this semester's coming math competition. Will anyone from the club win? We shall find out on Thursday!

March 7, 2016 - Pi, Pie, and Cake

We got to enjoy some (pi shaped) cake while learning about the mathematical concept π. We also discussed the upcoming pi day event of pieing math instructors in the face!

March 28, 2016 - Financial Planning

At this meeting the Math Club was joined by Financial Planner Jim Rettke who spoke about his career and some basic information on planning your own finances and the math involved. Attendees has plenty of questions for him and we got to hear a bit about everything from investing in stocks, to real estate, to how his academic life impacted his later career.

April 4, 2016 - Planetarium Show

The Math Club met at the MCC planetarium. There was a show on the planetarium just for the club to watch.


August 28, 2014 - First Meeting

Introductions of Math Club, Math Club officers, and members.

Ideas for club activities suggested.

September 4, 2014 - Games!

Math Club members play Dominoes.

September 11, 2014 - Logic Puzzles

Math Club members solve fun logic puzzles.

September 18, 2014 - Logic Puzzles

Math Club members solve more logic puzzles.

September 25, 2014 - Math Contest Preparation

Preparation for AMATYC math contest to take place @ Dobson campus.

October 2, 2014 - Card Counting

Apply card-counting techniques described in the book "Beat the Dealer"

by Dr. Edward Throp while playing Blackjack.  Also discussed Veterans Club book drive,

HeatSync tour, and community outreach event.

October 9, 2014 - Movie Day

Watched the movie "21" based on the true story of the

MIT Blackjack team.

October 16, 2014 - Veterans Club Book Drive

Worked on Veterans Club book drive details.

October 30, 2014 - Pumpkin Carving

Decorated pumpkins for Halloween.

January 22, 2015- First Meeting

Enjoyed pizza and games. Introductions of the Math Club officers, announced openings, and introduced members.

Explained the myths of "Math Club" and what it really is. If you have time and are interested come and join, or sit

in on a meeting.

January 29, 2015- Student Success!

Math Club members received some excellent advice from Professor Esposito. In order to achieve student success,

Math Club members were asked to take a quiz that would grade their studying structure. Upon finishing the quiz Math

Club members were able to see where they stood when it came to doing homework and studying for tests. By the end

of the meeting Math Club members left with knowledge on how to successfully study for a test. It was a great meeting!

February 6, 2015- HeatSync

HeatSync Lab was awesome! This meeting was moved from its regular day to Friday. Math Club members wrestled with

traffic and construction to meet at the HeatSync lab where members got to tour and view the many machines they have there.

HeatSync Lab offers a variety of machines to build your wildest 3-d imagination! If your still thinking that Math Club is Math only..

Well your wrong! Come and join us for a meeting every Thursday 4-5 pm in MCC114. You won't leave disappointed.

 February 12, 2015- Fundraiser Unveiling

At this weeks math club meeting we unveiled the fundraising project! As you all know 3/14/15 is coming up to celebrate the MCC

Math Club has decided to celebrate by doing a PI Day! Math teachers are encouraged to sign up and we will be selling tickets. Flyers

will be going up for all information needed. If you have questions stop on in to a Math Club meeting, held every Thursday's at 4 pm.

February 19, 2015- Dominoes

This weeks Math Club meeting the club members got to enjoy the wonderful weather and try there steady hands to topple dominoes!

This year there were 455 dominoes, they ran down the stairs and onto the ground and looped into a PI symbol. It was slow and steady

but the end result was awesome! 

  February 26, 2015- No meeting

There was no meeting this week. Some math club members went to the SUNMARC Conference held at the University of Texas in El

Paso, TX. Math Club meeting resumes next Thursday at 4pm. See you there!

March 05 , 2015- Math Contest

At this weeks Math Club meeting, members were given the "Do's and Don'ts" on the upcoming Math Contest. As well as an update on

the PI Contest. Don't forget to purchase your tickets! $1.00 per ticket and many math teachers participating! see you at the next meeting,

Thursday's from 4pm to 5pm.

March 12 , 2015- PI Festivities

Today at 2pm teachers with the most tickets bought got pie thrown in their faces! A fun event and plenty of Pies! At the Math Club meeting

members recapped the days events and kicked back with some left over pies. There were many flavors of pie and activities to help us celebrate

PI Day on 3.14.15, just in time for spring break! Have a safe and wonderful week.


August 21, 2013- First Meeting

Introductions of Math Club, Math Club officers, and members.

Ideas for club activities suggested.

August 28, 2013- Games!

Math Club members played Farkle.

September 4, 2013- HeatSync

A trip to HeatSync Labs where members got to view 3-D printers, Laser Cutters,

and more!

September 11, 2013- Planning Session

Discussions on this years Math Contest:

- Taking place 10/30 @ 3pm in MC 114

- On 10/23 there will be a presentation on preparation and strategies for the Math Contest

Officer meeting announced for 9/18 @ 4pm.

September 18, 2013- Guest Speaker

MCC Counseling Professor, Sonia Esposito, gave a presentation on:

 "Techniques to become a Successful Math Student". 


September 25, 2013-  Video

Video on Math and Music was "shown"

-Technical difficulties prevented the watching of the whole video.


 August 20, 2012 - First Meeting

      Math club officers meeting. Semester goals and tentative schedule discussed.

      August 27, 2012 - Welcome New Members

September 3, 2012 - Labor Day

No meeting

September 10, 2012 - 

September 17, 2012 - Mental Math Video

Secrets of Mental Math. Learn how to multiply large numbers easily in your head!

September 24, 2012 - Presentation!

Presentation on Digital Image Processing using MATLAB. Digital images are stored as large 3-d matrices. Using matrix manipulation, image color, shape, and size can be changed with simple code.

October 1, 2012 - Mental Math Video

Secrets of Mental Math (video 2). Adding and subtracting large numbers.

October 8, 2012

October 15, 2012 - Sculptures!

Building mathematical sculptures out of toothpicks and Elmer's glue. Student were given one box of toothpicks and a bottle of glue and told to construct a sculpture of their choice. Sculptures were placed in math faculty work room and voted on by staff members. The winner and runners up will receive prizes!

October 23, 2012 - Math Biology Lecture 

Masters thesis modeled the flow of electricity in nervous system of a giant squid.

October 29, 2012

ASU CIDSE presentation.

November 6, 2012

Presentation on Mathematica math software. Mathematica software has many applications in the business and educational world. Come check out how it all works!

November 12, 2012 - Honeywell Aerospace Tour

Field trip to 1944 E. Sky Harbor Circle to the Honeywell Aerospace Repair and Overhaul facilities. Students get to see the inner workings of a major aerospace distribution center. The tour consisted of a short presentation by Global Repair and Overhaul Director, Rich Barlow, as well as a tour of the factory floor including a look at aircraft APU's and turbine engines.

November 19, 2012

Winners of the AMATYC Math Contest and toothpick sculptures were announced. Prizes were awarded and the Spring math club schedule was announced: 4:30pm - 5:30pm Thursday.

January 17, 2013 - First Meeting

Officers meeting: Tentative schedule was discussed.

January 24, 2013 - Scavenger Hunt

Members participated in a scavenger hunt around campus

January 31, 2013 - Chess and Puzzle Solving

Math Club Members competed in chess games and solved 3-D puzzles. New secretary was elected.

 February 7, 2013 - Planning Activities

Agreement on a Math contest date, and discussion about the road trip to the Math Conference in Albuquerque. 


February 14, 2013 - Planning Activities

Members singed-up for the Albuquerque Math conference, and discus topics for future meetings.

February 21, 2013 - Space Station saved by mathematics (video)

Math Clubbers watched a movie about how math saved the lives of some astronauts orbiting at a space station.


February 28, 2013 - Math Contest

Members competed on the math contest.


March 7, 2013 - "Set" Presentation/Play

After a short presentation about the card game called Set, clubbers play it, then discussed the mathematics involve on the game.


March 14, 2013 - SPRING BREAK!



March 21, 2013 - Presentation about Graph Theory

An invited speaker gave a presentation about graph theory.


March 28, 2013 - Why your friends have more friends than you? (video)

Members watched a video explaining the probabilities that your friend have more friend than you, and discussed the applications of generating mathematical simulations using that principle.


April 04, 2013 - Relax Day

Clubbers relax while eating donuts and homemade popcorn, and played Set.


April 11, 2013 - Pink Floyd, "Tour of the Universe" planetarium show

Members experienced the "Tour of the Universe" show encompassing Pink Floyd's music at the MCC planetarium.


April 18, 2013 - A Mathematical Adventure through the Census, Reapportionment, and Redistricting" by Karen Saxe

Clubbers enjoyed a conference video about the mathematics involved on the electoral process.


April 19, 2013 - Boeing Factory trip

Members toured the Boeing Factory at Mesa AZ, where they manufacture the AH-64 "Apache" helicopter.

April 25, 2013 - Special Olympics

Members volunteered to help in the special Olympics held at MCC.


May 02, 2013 - Presentation on 3-D printing mathematical 3-dimensional figures, and Pizza!

Clubbers celebrated the last semester meeting by enjoying delicious pizza, and Spencer Harvey presented his project on printing 3-dimmensional mathematical figures.


August 24, 2011 - First Meeting

The math club introduced officers, and discussed plans for the next meeting.


August 31, 2011 - Cards

We had a great second meeting with new faces and a presentation by our president and the club advisor about Blackjack. Efrem explained basic rules and techniques, and Adam explained the card counting concept in order to increase possibilities to win. We ended up putting in practice these techniques by playing Blackjack.


September 7, 2011 - ClassPad Workshop

Diane Whitfield, product manager from CASIO, gave us a presentation on their most recent product: the ClassPad 330, and we had the opportunity to use these handhelds.


September 14, 2011 - Introductions, reports & Blackjack

Daphne Rossiter, the math department chair came to visit the club and gave us some info about the department; as well, our senator informed about school funds for the club. We had the opportunity to play and experience again the card counting in blackjack.


September 21, 2011 - Jeopardy! The IBM Challenge

The math club watched a special edition of this popular program. We saw Watson -a supercomputer created by IBM- competing against the two best players of this show.


September 28, 2011 - Planning activities

The math club discussed on future activities for the club. Some of them were the Penny Wars, pumpking carving, the Zombie Walk, and the Math contest.


October 5, 2011 - More plans!

The math club shared comments on the Penny Wars. We focused on plans for the Math contest, and preparing the club for the upcoming SUNMARC conference next year. 


October 12, 2011 - Backgammon

Margie Lyscas, one of our advisors, explained to math club members the rules and basic movements of backgammon. The members had a great time playing with the club's brand new gameboards!


October 19, 2011 - Scavenger Hunt!

The math club organized a scavenger hunt. Students looked for interesting, weird and funny things around the campus. Winners won squishy brains!


October 26, 2011 - Pumpkin carving

As an established tradition, the Math club members carved pumpkins.


November 2, 2011 - Backgammon

Math club members took a second chance playing with this interesting board game.


November 9, 2011 - Planning

Math club members voted on school proposals, planned for future meetings, and established the meetings time for spring semester (Tuesdays 4:00 -5:00 pm)


November 16, 2011 - Euler's Phi Function

Our math club advisor explained briefly this function and its potential application on centrifuges.


November 23, 2011 - Pink Floyd "Tour the Universe"

The math club meet at the planetarium to enjoy a presentation.


November 30, 2011 - The final arrangements

"El Presidente" announced a lineup of guest speakers for next semester while members ate some cookies brought by Amanda and Vincent.


December 7, 2011 - The End (Part I)

Math club members enjoyed the last meeting of the semester eating chips and playing backgammon and blackjack! Happy holidays!!



January 17, 2012 - The Beginning... Again!

The math club had its first meeting of the spring semester. As "El Presidente" went to NAU, we had to fill our vacant officer spot. Now we have a new president, and have two contenders fighting for the VP position. We discussed the plans for the semester.


January 24, 2012 - Election day & Sudoku

Our speaker programmed for today had to cancel, so we had our VP elections in person. We learned and played with sudoku puzzles for the rest of the meeting.


January 31 - Planning ahead

Math club members spent meeting time discussing about our attendance to Calculus the Musical and SUNMARC conference.


February 7 - Puzzles

The Math club members had the opportunity to play with some wooden brainbender puzzles.


February 14 - Turning a Sphere inside out

Is it possible to do this? The members watched an interesting video that showed -following some criteria- this is possible.


February 21 - No Tile presentation :(

Our presentation had to be cancelled, so we talked about SUNMARC conference.


February 28 - Math contest

Members spent meeting time studying for the AMATYC contest.


March 6 - Registration

We spent our meeting time on our registration for SUNMARC conference.


March 13 - Spring Break

Due to spring break, we had not math club.


March  20 - SUNMARC plans

Members discussed the schedule for SUNMARC.


March 27 - ...And more plans

The members wrapped up details on SUNMARC.


April 3 - CASIO workshop

Diane Whitfield, a CASIO product manager, came for the second time to introduce the Classpad 330, a calculator gainig popularity for its touchscreen interface.


April 10 - Ribbons, Ropes, Tangent, Normal and Binormal or the Calculus of moving Frames

Dr. Amadou Gaye, an MCC Mathematics professor, analyzed the math and applications behind ribbon-like shapes, such as DNA, proteins, computer graphics, etc.


 April 17 - Chit-chat

Our scheduled presentation was cancelled, so the members planned an activity for the end of the semester.


April 24 - MatLab Projects

Adam's students from his Special Projects class presented their final projects on image manipulation recreating Photoshop effects. All of these was possible with MatLab.


May 1 - The End (Part II)

Two students from Adam's calculus honors class presented their projects. We had officers elections; our secretary position is vacant, if you are interested, come and visit us this fall!


September 2, 2010-First Meeting

The math club brainstormed for field trips, elected officers, and planned the next meeting.


September 9, 2010-Marshmallows, Toothpicks, & Glue...Oh, my!

Math club made spiders, pigs, buildings, geometric shapes, atoms, and ships out of marshmallows, toothpicks, and glue.


September 16, 2010-Planning Meeting

We discussed upcoming meetings.


September 23, 2010-Pi vs. e. Whose side are you on? Plus, join us in creating Islamic tiles!

Math club watched the crazy professors in The Great Pi vs. e Debate". While watching we made Islamic tiles in various shapes, colors, and sizes.


October 1, 2010-Balls, Dogs & Robots--An evening at the Science Center

What's in common between fielders, dogs, and AI robots? The presentation included head-cams and motion-capture cameras to model catching behavior.


October 7, 2010-The National Mathematics Competition

We practiced and signed up for the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges National Student Mathematics League Math Competition 2010-2011.


October 14, 2010-Puzzle Time!

We worked on a ton of wooden puzzles and looked at plans to make our own at home.


October 21, 2010-Nature & Math Part 1

Math club will be hosting a talk given by Ken Seidel on the intricacies of nature and mathematics. We also heard about the golden rectangle, Fibonacci's Sequence, Pascal's Triangle, and the irrationality of the square root of 2.


October 28, 2010-Nature & Math Part 2

Ken Seidel will conclude his talk on the intricacies of nature and mathematics. He will give a proof of the binomial theorem by mathematical induction. Following his talk, Math Club will proceed to the National Mathematics League Math Competition.


November 4, 2010-Puzzle-licious!

Club secretary Vincent Moore brought a puzzle book to share with the club. President Shaundra Newstead asked for ideas for future meetings and we all ate treats.


November 11, 2010-Veterans Day

Today Math Club didn't meet due to the holiday.


November 18, 2010-Wind & Energy

Today Math Club learned about wind power. David Shultz presented information about the efficiency of wind energy harvesting through a wind speed logarithmic equation and a power equation.


November 25, 2010-Thanksgiving Day

Today Math Club didn't meet due to the holiday.


December 2, 2010-Puzzle-rific!

Math Club will work on puzzles and discuss upcoming meetings.


December 9, 2010-The End!

Math Club decided the time of next year's Math Club (Mondays, 4:15-5:15 pm) and voted to impeach the president.


January 24, 2011-New Beginnings

Math Club's new President, Amoryn Martin, has welcomed new and returning members to this year's Math Club, and told us about all the special things we were going to do this year.


January 31, 2011-Music & Math

Today we went to "Calculus the Musical".


February 7, 2011-No Trampolines?!?!

Math club planned to go to a trampoline park but because our president was caught by flu season,so we just talked about mathy things.


February 14, 2011-Islamic Tiles! And a walk!

Madeleine Chowdhury presented facts about the history and mathematics of islamic art. Those with time on their hands, took a walk with her to see the various islamic art she has created.


February 21, 2011-Presidents Day (No School)

We had no Math Club today.


February 28, 2011-SUNMARC Planning

Today we planned all things we needed to plan for SUNMARC.


March 7, 2011-Planning for Family Fun Day

Today we planned for family fun day.


March 14, 2011-Spring Break!

We had no Math Club today.


March 25, 2011-No Planetarium?!?!

We had no Math Club today. A planetarium show that was planned had to be rescheduled.


March 28, 2011-puzzleCubes

Math club made and tried to solve their very own puzzle boxes. Thx to Dirk BeGell, the Vice President for cutting out the smaller cubes for the making of the puzzle.


April 4, 2011-Plans? We got plans.

Math club planned to have Madeline Chowdury come to show the math of islamic tiles, but that got canceled.

Also Math club planned to have Adam Avilez, one of the instructors show the how 1=2, but that got canceled also.

So Math club planned for Family Fun Day.


April 15, 2011-Pink Floyd's Planetarium

Math club had an unofficial meeting at the planetarium seeing Pink Floyd.


April 25, 2011- Adam's Apprentices

Math club had some of Adam's students(2) come and teach us about their research altering a picture by MathLab programming.


September 4, 2009-First Meeting

The math club decided to do some brainstorming about what we wanted to do this semester. We also elected our senator who was put to work quickly.


September 11, 2009-Scavenger Hunt

The math club went out and got familiar with the school by finding things on campus that are a bit odd, large, and even fuzzy.


September 18, 2009-"The Spell of the Poincare Conjecture"

This video is about a recent mathematical development that sheds some light on the shape of the universe and the mathematicians that helped prove it.


September 25, 2009-Mind Twisting Puzzles

Math club worked with puzzles of graphical, logical, and physical natures.


October 2, 2009-"The Right Spin"

Math Club watched the story of a dramatic accident in space and the mathematics behind saving the Russian space station Mir.


October 9, 2009-"pi vs. e" Debate

Math Club watched the great debate of pi vs. e. Which is the better number? We saw two professors each support one number and demean the other so the audience could form an opinion about which number is liked better.


October 16, 2009-Marsha Gonzaga

Marsha Gonzaga, an Academic Success Specialist From the ASU School of Computing: Informatics & Decision Systems Engineering department, gave a presentation to the MCC Math Club about their engineering program.


October 21, 2009-Fall Bash

Every fall, ASMCC invites all the school clubs and organizations to set up tables in the center of campus. We have fun hanging out and promoting our club.


October 23, 2009-Math Contest preparation

Math Club will be prepared for the fall Math contest. We learned strategies for maximizing our score. These strategies can be applied to many kinds of exams.


October 30, 2009-Jack O'Lantern Carvings

Math club carved pumpkins on this day as a Halloween math club tradition.


November 6, 2009-Internship Opportunities at the University of Arizona

The Science and Technology Center MDITR, Coordinator from the University of Arizona gave a presentation on a summer research program for the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona.


November 13, 2009-Math Anxiety Workshop

Math club members aren't all math geniuses. Some of us joined so that we could try to appreciate the subject, which would help us get through our math classes. We invited MCC Counseling faculty, Sonia Esposito, to talk to us about math study skills, testing taking skills, and overcoming math anxiety.


November 20, 2009-Planetarium Show

MCC faculty, Dr. Kevin Healy, gave us a special demonstration of MCC's new planetarium. We saw a tour of the universe, its basic origins and we talked about other things that were enlightening.


December 4, 2009-Cancer Mapping Presentation by Amadou Gaye

Amadou Guye gave a presentation on the Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Cancer. We got to see how this new field of mathematics can help save lives of people.


December 11, 2009-End of Semester Party

Anyone and everyone was welcome. We enjoyed feasting upon pizzas until both our faces and our stomachs were stuffed.


January 20, 2010-First Meeting

Warm welcome to all new and returning members. We enjoyed making structures out of toothpicks and Elmer's Glue. The creations will be voted on next week during the Campus Carnival.


January 27, 2010-"Searching for Bobby Fisher"

Math Club watched the movie "Searching for Bobby Fisher." This movie is about a young boy who plays chess.


February 3, 2010

We watched part 2 of the movie 'Searching for Bobby Fisher', about a boy who is a chess prodigy.


February 10, 2010

Math Club joined the Forensics Club to take a tour of the Phoenix Crime Lab.


February 17, 2010

Math club planned what will be done for Pi day and other future activities.


February 24, 2010

Math club strengthened the minds of its members with puzzles and had fun in the process.


March 3, 2010

Math club and its volunteers for Pi day met and planned for the event.


March 10, 2010

We will celebrate Pi Day by learning about Pi, including the history of Pi and some approximations for Pi. We are also learned about Euler cicuits and graph theory.


March 12, 2010- Pi Day

We taught kids about Pie, its history, told them about the school, and showed Euler circuits.We also gave away a lot of pie.


March 26, 2010-Islamic Art

Madeleine Chowdhury presented information on the role of mathematics in Islamic art.


March 31, 2010-Electronics presentation

Carl Whitesel gave a presentation about electronics and mathematics. We saw how numbers can shape the electronic world.


April 7, 2010-Fractals Presentation

We saw what fractal patterns are, how they are formed, their uses and their discovery. Math club enjoyed the exciting exploration of fractals.


April 16, 2010-Engineering Transfer Day

Professor Bruce Carlton spoke about transferring to ASU in the engineering program. Also Anite Gierson, Director of METS (Motivated Engineering Transfer Scholarships),

spoke about Engineering Computer Sciences at ASU and former community college students about their experience. There was a question answer session afterwords with pizza and pop.


April 21, 2010-Sunmark Presentation

Math Club member, Daniel Grambilher gave a presentation on what he calls forced induction. It is a method for finding closed formulas of polynomial sums.


April 3-, 2010-The Mathematics of Hysteresis

Professor Amadou Gaye spoke about Hystersis. This describes systems that depend on their previous state. There was a question answer session afterwords.


April 16, 2010-MAT 298 Special Projects

Professor Adam Avilez's MAT 298 students presented their work. Cameron Owens and Jared McBride discussed the principles of digital sound and how they use MATLAB to create some digital sound effects.


September 3, 2008 - First Meeting -

We elected officers for the year and discussed our plans for the semester.


September 10, 2008 - Engineering and Art Challenge -

What can you build out of toothpicks and Elmer's glue in only one hour? Well we decided to find out with some math club tshirts on the line. The club broke up into groups

and began working. The challenge was to build something 'mathematical'. The math department faculty voted to decide which group did the best job.


September 17, 2008 - Pi versus e -

We watched a video of two professors from Williams College debating which number is better, e or pi. The debate started out civil but quickly turned into mathematical mudslinging.


September 24, 2008 - The Mathematics of Photoshop -

One of our members, Glenn Jackson, gave a presentation on Digital Image Processing. Glenn's presentation was a project he completed for MAT 298 (Special Topics). Using MATLAB, he was able to recreate many of the photo effects available in Photoshop. Glenn explained the mathematics behind these effects.


October 1, 2008 - Puzzle/Riddle Day -

All of math is really about using logic to solve problems. Everyone brought puzzles or riddles and we worked on them.


October 8, 2008 - "The Right Spin" -

The story of a dramatic accident in space and the mathematics behind it.


October 10, 2008 - Math Club Basketball -

Basketball is a math club tradition so we had to play again. We like to exercise our minds too. Another math club tradition continued as well, math club basketball injuries :)


October 15, 2008 - Math Contest Preparation -

Every semester MCC holds a math contest with scholarship prizes available to students at every level. MCC faculty, Adam Avilez, discussed problem solving strategies that would help maximize your score.


October 20, 2008 - Fall Bash -

Every fall ASMCC invites all the school clubs and organizations to setup tables in the center of campus. We have fun hanging out and promoting our club.


October 22, 2008 - Planetarium Show -

MCC faculty, Dr. Kevin Healy, gave us a special demonstration of MCC's new planetarium. We saw several shows and he explained a lot of the technology behind show.


October 29, 2008 - Pumpkin Carving -

Another math club tradition that we continued.


November 5, 2008 - Math Anxiety Workshop -

Math club members aren't all math geniuses. Some of us joined so that we could try to appreciate the subject which would help us get through our math classes. We invited MCC Counseling faculty, Sonia Esposito, to talk to us about math study skills, testing taking skills and overcoming math anxiety.


November 19, 2008 - Mathematics in Forestry -

Retired Glenvill State professor, Dan Wildermuth, spoke to us about the use of mathematics in forestry. In particular, mathematics plays a heavy role in maintaining healthy forests.


December 3, 2008 - MAT 298 Special Topics Presentations -

Professor Avilez's MAT 298 students gave an updated presentation on using MATLAB for digital image processing.


January 30, 2009 - First Meeting -

We welcomed everyone back and introduced new members. We broke up into groups to work on some puzzles and get to know new members.


February 6, 2009 - Fractals -

We watched an episode of Nova which discussed Fractals. Fractals are types of geometric shapes which have many practical applications. Fractals are used in special effects, computer graphics and in our cellphones.


February 13, 2009 - Actuarial Science -

Retired ASU mathematics professor, Matt Hassett, spoke to us about the field of actuarial science. This subject uses mathematics, statistics and economics to solve problems. An actuary can work for many types of companies and earn a high salary. For example insurance companies use actuaries to determine insurance rates.


February 20, 2009 - Math Anxiety -

MCC Counseling faculty, Sonia Esposito, gave us tips on developing math study habits and test taking skills. She also gave us some ideas on how we can overcome math anxiety.


February 27, 2009 - Southwest UNdergraduate MAthematics Research Conference -

We didn't have a regular meeting today. Instead we got into a van and drove to the SUNMARC conference. We spent the weekend in Albuquerque meeting students from other schools and watching math presentations.


March 6, 2009 - ASU Chemical Engineering Advisor -

Karen Burrington, an ASU Chemical Engineering advisor, talked to us about transfering to ASU.


March 27, 2009 - Using Statistics in Biology -

MCC Biology professor, Peter Brown, talked about how statistics is a valuable tool in Biology.


April 1, 2009 - Spring Fling -

The math club setup a table to advertise our club at this ASMCC sponsored event.


April 3, 2009 - Solar Energy -

MCC Mathematics professor, Amadou Gaye, spoke about the mathematics of solar energy and being self sufficient.


April 9, 2009 - Mesa Arts Academy Visits MCC -

We hosted some students from the Mesa Arts Academy charter school. They came to campus to see a show in our new fancy planetarium.


April 10, 2009 - Mathematical Modeling: Not just another pretty face. -

MCC Mathematics faculty, David Schultz, discussed one of this application of mathematics. He discussed how to find models and how to determine if it is a good model. A mathematical model is a set of mathematical rules that describe a real world situation. For example weather forecasting uses mathematical modeling.


April 17, 2009 - ASU Motivated Engineering Transfer Students Program (METS) -

An advisor from ASU spoke to use about the METS program. Any MCC engineering student should contact this program before transfering to ASU.


April 24, 2009 - Generalizing Synthetic Division -

MCC Mathematics faculty, Alan Sheffield, showed us a general synthetic division which works on any polynomial division. No more long division!


May 1, 2009 - Business Meeting -

Members put their names forward to be officers in the fall. Elections are held next week. We also discussed possible amendments to the constitution.


May 1-2, 2009 - Special Olympics -

Some members volunteered with PTK at the Special Olympics. MCC hosted the Arizona Special Olympics.


May 8, 2009 - End of year party -

We voted for officers and on amendments.


August 24, 2007 - First Meeting -

We introduced new members, discussed future meetings, and announced candidates for officer positions


August 31, 2007 - Elections and Calculator Help -

We elected our new officers. As requested in the last meeting, we also discussed how to use your calculator. Several models were discussed


September 7, 2007 - Planning Meeting -

We continued to discuss and plan the semester.


September 14, 2007 - Movie -

We watched the first half of "October Sky"


September 21, 2007 - Movie -

We watched the second half of "October Sky"


September 28, 2007 - Puzzle Day -

We worked on jigsaw puzzles, brain teasers, and other kinds of puzzles


October 5, 2007 - The Amazing Rouleaux Triangle -

Our own Robert Ashby talked to us about this triangle. It is an equalaterial triangle that has curved sides. It has a constant diameter like a circle which creates many practical applications.


October 12, 2007 - Strategies for Math Success -

MCC counseling faculty, Sonia Esposito, talked to use about this very important topic. She discussed study habits and test taking skills that can help you in your math classes.


October 19, 2007 - Tesselations! -

Two of our members, Kastle Olson and Earl Guenthner, talked to use about these beautiful patterns. Tesselations are constructed by repeating certain geometric shapes. M.C. Escher used tesselations in much of his art. We all created out own tesselation by the end of the meeting.


October 26, 2007 - Pumpkin Carving -

Our officers were able to get pumpkins donated to the club by Food City and Bashas. We sold them as a fundraiser and at this meeting carved out pumpkins.


November 2, 2007 - AMATYC-MCC Math Contest Preparation -

The MCC math contest was held today at 3:30 in BP 4 and 5. The club had a last minute review session which was lead by MCC math faculty Mark Neeley.


November 9, 2007 - Mesa Arts Academy -

We traveled to Mesa Arts Academy which is a Mesa Public Schools Elementary Charter School. We taught a classroom of kids how to make their own tesselations.


November 16, 2007 - Medtronic -

The club partnered with the Biotechnology club to visit Medtronic's facility in Phoenix.


November 30, 2007 - Basketball -

We played basketball in the gym on campus.


December 7, 2007 - Pizza Party -

ASMCC provided the free pizza and we relaxed before finals week.


January 18, 2008 - First Meeting -

The students were challenged to build something mathematical out of marshmellows, toothpicks and straws. The winning group created "Pi Town."


January 25, 2008 - Fractals -

We watched a video about fractals. Fractals are very complex geometric patterns that are derived from very simple equations. Fractals are used in computer graphics and many of practical applications.


February 1, 2008 - Math Jeopardy -

The club was divided into fair teams and competed against each other in Math Jeopardy.


February 8, 2008 - Overcoming Math Anxiety -

Prof. Sonia Esposito from MCC's counseling department came back again to talk to us about overcoming math fears and learning good study habits. We've had her talk to us many times because the club has members from a wide range of courses.


February 15, 2008 - Black Holes -

Dr. Healy from MCC's astronomy department talked to us about the physics and mathematics of black holes. As always our talks include some math but are meant for students from all levels of mathematics, Basic Arithmetic to Calculus.


February 22-24, 2008 - SUnMaRC Conference at Arizona State University -

The club attended the Southwest Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference. Students from throughout the southwest attended and presented on a variety of topics. At the conference four coded texts were given to the students as a challenge. MCC was the only school to crack all four of the codes.


February 29, 2008 - MCC Math Contest -

The second round of the MCC-AMATYC Math Contest was held after our meeting. Earl Guenthner, a math club member and three time winner, ran a preparation session at our meeting.


March 7, 2008 - Movie- Stand and Deliver -

We watched the greatest math movie of all time, "Stand and Deliver". It is a very inspirational story and one of the key reasons our advisor, Prof. Avilez, became a teacher.


March 21, 2008 - ASU Engineering Presentation -

Marsha Gonzaga, an advisor in ASU's engineering school, spoke to us about the programs available at ASU. She also talked about the transition from MCC to ASU


March 28, 2008 - The Mathematics of DNA -

Dr. Gaye from the MCC Mathematics department spoke to us about mathematics and DNA. Dr. Gaye discussed how mathematics can be used to model the physical properties of DNA.


April 4, 2008 - Swarm Theory -

Prof. Schultz of the MCC Mathematics department spoke to us about Swarm Theory. Many unintelligent organisms can behave very intelligently in groups. Mathematics is being used to study this behavior


April 11, 2008 - Math Club Basketball -

We may not be great but we alway have fun and welcome any skill level.


April 16, 2008 - Spring Fling -

We set up a booth to advertise our club.


April 18, 2008 - Mathematics and Islamic Art -

Prof. Chowdhury of the MCC Mathematics department spoke to us about the mathematics behind Islamic Art. Islamic art is all about geometry. In collaboration with the art deparment you can now find 3 examples of mathematics and Islamic Art on our campus. Two are on the mathematics building.


April 25, 2008 - Constitution Meeting -

We discussed proposed amendments to our constitution.


May 2, 2008 - End of Year Party -

We always do this before final exams and we always invite old members to come back. It's always helpful to ask them about the transition to a university.


May 8, 2008 - Mesa Arts Academy Elementary School -

Once again we visited MAA. This time we had the kids play a special Math Jeopardy that we created for them. We were able to award prizes that were donated by Dean Achs.


August 10-12, 2006 - Mathfest -

Member of the math club traveled to Knoxville, TN to attend Mathfest. Mathfest is a national math conference sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America. A former member, Mike Munroe, presented on prime rich polynomials at the conference.


September 1, 2006 - First Meeting -

We welcomed new members and worked on some logic puzzles.


September 8, 2006 - Sudoku -

MCC faculty, Margie Lyscas, discussed Sudoku puzzles with us.


September 15, 2006 - Planning Meeting -

At these meetings we plan future meetings, events, and fundraising


September 22, 2006 - Functions! -

One of our members, Kastle Olson, gave a hands on presentation about functions.


September 29, 2006 - Fractals! -

We watched "The Colors of Infinity". This video is about geomety and fractals. Fractals can be used to model shapes in nature and to make cool art.


October 6, 2006 - Planning Meeting -

We focused on advertising.


October 13, 2006 - The Mathematics of Black Holes -

MCC faculty, Dr. Lisa Will, spoke to us about the mathematics and science of black holes.


October 20, 2006 - Planning Meeting -

At these meetings we plan future meetings, events, and fundraising.


October 27, 2006 - Pumpkin Carving -

Inspired by Halloween and pumpkin pie, we carved some pumpkins including a couple of pumpkin pi's.


November 1, 2006 - Fall Bash -

We setup a table to recruit at this Student government event.


November 3, 2006 - Math Contest -

MCC faculty, Margie Lyscas, prepared us for the AMATYC national math contest by going over some old exams. The contest was after the meeting


November 17, 2006 - Strategies for Success in Mathematics Classes -

MCC faculty, Sonia Esposito, discussed study habits, time management skills, test taking skills, and other topics to help students succeed in their math classes. She is in the counseling department and specializes in math anxiety. The students attending felt the presentation was very helpful.


December 1, 2006 - Planning Meeting -

At these meetings we plan future meetings, events, and fundraising.


December 8, 2006 - End of Year Party! –

January 19, 2007 - Planning Meeting -

We are welcoming new members and planning for the semester.


January 26, 2007 - Elections and Video -

We elected a new senator, Earl Guenthner. Then we watched the "The Proof", a Nova video detailing Fermat's Last Theorem and the personal side of how Dr Andrew Wiles solved this 300 year old problem.


February 2, 2007 - Learning Math Study Skills -

MCC counseling faculty Sonia Esposito will speak on effective study habits that can help you succeed in your math classes. She has a lot of great advice for students of all levels and abilities.


February 9, 2007 - Learning Test Taking Skills and Overcoming Test Anxiety -

Sonia Esposito returns to talk to us about test taking strategies and test anxiety. Everyone can benefit from her presentation.


February 16, 2007 - Planning Meeting -

We discussed future meetings and presentations


February 21, 2007 - Clubs Carnival! -


February 23, 2007 - Tessellations! -

Come see math and art work together.


March 2, 2007 - MCC/AMATYC National Math Contest Preparation -

The math club is holding a cramming session to prepare for the math contest which will be held this afternoon.


March 9, 2007 - Women in Mathematics -

We looked out how women in history have overcome adversity to have a substantial impact on mathematics.


March 23, 2007 - Basketball! -

Come join us for a nice friendly game of basketball.


March 30, 2007 - Mathematics and Islamic Art -

MCC mathematics professor, Madeleine Chowdhury, will talk about the mathematics behind the amazing patterns seen in Islamic art.


April 6, 2007 - Tying the Knot –

MCC mathematics professor, David Schultz, will have us look at an unsual way to decide if two people should be married. We'll see if they odds are with them or against them.


April 13, 2007 - Math Club Alumni Meeting -

We have invited our members who graduated to come back and talk about their experiences at the university and workplace.


April 20, 2007 - Model DNA with Mathematics -

MCC mathematics faculty Dr. Amadou Gaye will be speaking about how mathematics is used to model DNA.


April 27, 2007 - Constitution! -

We will discuss our constitution and decide if any amendments should be made. The constitution governs how the club is run and can only be changed during the spring semester.


May 4, 2007 - Party and Voting -

Come unwind at our end of the year party! We will also vote on any proposed amendments and for new officers.



September 2, 2005 - Come join the fun! -

First meeting of the semester. We discussed math club policies and welcomed new students.


September 9, 2005 - "The Right Spin" -

The story of a dramatic rescue in space and the mathematics behind it.


September 16, 2005 - Planning meeting -

At these meetings we prepare for future meetings, fundraising, and other events.


September 23, 2005 - Art on a Dome -

MCC math professor Madeleine Chowdhury spoke to us about Mathematics in Islamic Art.


September 30, 2005 - Planning meeting -

At these meetings we prepare for future meetings, fundraising, and other events.


October 7, 2005 - A Trigonometry Project with Geometer's Sketchpad -

Math Club President Nicole Mohr demonstrated Geometer's Sketchpad. It's a cool software package that makes graphing and drawing mathematics easy.


October 14, 2005 - Planning meeting -

At these meetings we prepare for future meetings, fundraising, and other events.


October 21, 2005 - Graph Theory -

MCC math professor Mark Neeley gave a presentation on Problems in Graph Theory.


October 28-30, 2005 - Travel! -

We went the Arizona Mathematics Undergraduate Conference at Northern Arizona University. Nicole Mohr presented on Geometer's Sketchpad at the conference.


November 4, 2005 - Preparing for math contest -

We prepared for the math contest run by American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. The math contest was right after the meeting.


November 18, 2005 - What is the fate of the Universe? -

MCC astronomy professor, Dr. Will presented how she used mathematics to model the outcome of the universe.


December 2, 2005 - Planning meeting -

At these meetings we prepare for future meetings, fundraising, and other events.


December 9, 2005 - The end of the year is coming! -

Elections and end of year party!


January 20, 2006 - First Meeting of the Semester -

We welcomed new members and planned for the semester.


January 27, 2006 - Turning the sphere inside out. -

We watched a video, "Inside Out", that show how it is possible to turn a sphere inside out without making any holes in it.


February 3, 2006 - Planning Meeting -

At these meetings we plan future meetings, events, and fundraising.


February 10, 2006 - A Mathematical Classic! -

We watched the classic "Donald in Mathmagic Land". Donald Duck show us math in history, music and our everyday lives.


February 17, 2006 - Planning Meeting -

At these meetings we plan future meetings, events, and fundraising.


February 24, 2006 - Planning Meeting -

At these meetings we plan future meetings, events, and fundraising.


March 3, 2006 - Math Contest Preparation -

We practiced for the AMaTYC national math contest with some old tests. The contest was right after the meeting.


March 10, 2006 - Math Club Web Page -

We brainstormed on what content we wanted on our website. Joe Rouse, a member, did all off the coding.


March 24, 2006 - Brainteasers/Word Problems -

MCC faculty, John Payne, presented us with some brainteasers that he had heard on the radio.


March 31, 2006 - Engineering and Math -

MCC faculty, Bruce Carlton, discussed opportunities in engineering and mathematics. In particular he discussed the AVNET games.


April 7, 2006 - Planning Meeting -

At these meetings we plan future meetings, events, and fundraising.


April 11, 2006 - Clubs Carnival -

The math club setup of table to advertise the club to students. Student Government held this event in the middle of campus.


April 14, 2006 - Textbook Review -

The math club was asked to provide some input on the selection of a new college algebra book. The math department was choosing a new book and asked math club to provide some student input.


April 21, 2006 - Constitution Debate -

We discussed the constitution and approved some amendments.


April 28, 2006 - Math and Music -

Our web designer, Joe Rouse, has math and music talent. He gave a presentation discussing mathematics in music.


May 5, 2006 - Party! -

We had an end of year party.


May 7, 2006 - Math Tutoring -

We held a tutoring fundraiser. For $20 math 120 students got to have a whole day of tutoring by math club members.


September 3, 2004 - And so begins another semester -

At our first meeting we did beginning of the year housekeeping.


September 10, 2004 - Are you ready for the math contest? -

We discussed preparing for the math contest and introduced some new members. The math contest is scheduled for Nov. 2nd.


October 1, 2004 - "Number Patterns: What's the difference?" -

Presented by one of our faculty, Mr. David Schultz. This was a hands on demonstration using graphing calculators.


October 15, 2004 - "Complete Graphs & Spanning Trees" -

Presented by one of our faculty, Mr. Mark Neeley. This presentation introduced the subject of graph theory and practical applications.


October 29, 2004 - Let's turn that sphere inside out! -

We watched the video "Inside Out". Can a sphere be turned inside out without cutting any holes in it? The answer is yes and the video showed how to do it.


November 12-14, 2004 - Travel! -

We attended the Arizona Mathematics Undergraduate Conference in Tucson. Two members presented at the conference. Mike Munroe spoke about error correcting codes. You can click here to see his power point presentation. Micah Mangione spoke about John Conway's Angel and the Devil problem. This is a classic game theory problem.


December 3, 2004 - Are you thinking critically? -

One of our faculty, Dr. Amadou Gaye, will be making a presentation about critical thinking. Aside of learning math, your math classes also teach you how to think critically.


January 28, 2005 - First meeting of the semester -

We had our first meeting of the semester. The club decided to meet every week. We watched the video "The Proof". The video was about Andrew Wiles' struggle to prove Fermat's Last Theorem. The theorem was unproven for 300 years, but Dr. Wiles was finally able to solve one of math's most famous problems.


February 4, 2005 - "When is 1+1=0? How can you tell if a number is divisible by 11?...and what do pirates have to do with all this?" -

Presented by our advisor, Adam Avilez.


February 11, 2005 - Well isn't this puzzling -

Presented by one of our faculty, Margie Lyscas. The presentation focused on a few interesting logic puzzles and demonstrated a good method for solving them.


February 18, 2005 - "The Golden Age of Computing" -

Presented by one of our adjunct faculty, Ken Seidel. He spoke about the early days of computing including his association with Bill Gates!


February 25, 2005 - Preparation for the math contest -

We prepared for the math contest by working on sample tests from previous years. The AMATYC national math contest was held after the meeting.


March 4, 2005 - "The Elegant Universe" the beginning -

We watched the first part of "The Elegant Universe". This was a Nova series that discusses how physicists are trying to describe the entire universe with a unified theory. We still have 2 more parts to watch.


March 11, 2005 - "Leading Digits and Fraudulent Numbers." -

Presented by one of our faculty, David Schultz. The presentation focused on Benford's Law and how it can be used to detect fraud. Most people don't know how to correctly fake data!


March 25, 2005 - Math club wants you... to play basketball -

We're playing basketball in the gym on campus. We'll be playing a nice friendly game so come on out and join us for some fun! We will be in the small gym.


April 1, 2005 - Club maintenance -

We're going to review the math club constitution and propose amendments. We will also be voting for a new math club secretary.


April 8, 2005 - Deriving a closed formula for Fibonacci sequence -

One of our members, Mike Munroe, will be presenting the Fibonacci sequence. He will be deriving a closed formula for the Fibonacci sequence.


April 15, 2005 - Napoleon Construction and a bit about Cribbage -

One of our adjunct faculty, Ken Seidel, will be discussing both Napoleon Constructions and how to play Cribbage.


April 22, 2005 - The continuation of "The Elegant Universe" -

We will be watching the 2nd part of "The Elegant Universe".


April 29, 2005 - Actuarial Science -

Dr. Hassett (Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at ASU) will discuss the actuarial field and how to become an actuary.


May 6, 2005 - "The Elegant Universe" part 3 PLUS "Monty Python and Math" -

We are electing officers for the spring, watching the last part of "The Elegant Universe" and one of our faculty, Margie Lyscas, will discuss "Monty Python and Math".


November 4th, 2003 - "Mathematics and Gambling, or, How to Go to Vegas Without Going Broke" -

The speaker discussed the odds of winning for several different games. Most of the talk was about using card counting to play blackjack.


February 16th, 2004. - "Stand and Deliver" -

A great movie about some east Los Angeles high school students who overcame many obstacles to be the first in their families to earn college credit on the Calculus Advanced Placement test. It is a true story and really inspiring.


February 23rd, 2004 - Math contest preparation plus "Finding a non-recursive formula for the Fibonacci sequence." -

We prepared for the math contest and Mike Munroe gave his presentation which he will also be presenting at the Arizona Mathematics Undergraduate Conference.


February 27-29th, 2004 - Math Club Travel -

We went to the Arizona Mathematics Undergraduate Conference(AMUC) at Arizona State University. Mike Munroe presented and Frasha Hussain was a moderator.


March 8th, 2004 - "Outside In" -

Is it possible to turn a basketball inside out? Ok can you do with without ripping, tearing, or making a hole in it? Amazingly you can. Come see an interesting video that discusses the mathematics involved and also shows you how it can be done!


March 29th, 2004 - "Finding Area by Connecting the Dots" -

Mr David Schultz, MCC faculty, will show how to calculate the area of any polygon with a general method. No formulas to memorize!!! What could possibly be better??!!


April 10th, 2004 12 noon - Bowling! -

We're going bowling at Brunswick Lanes across from the campus on Southern. Come on out and join us!


April 26th, 2004 - "Twisting Around-How We Can Study DNA" -

Mr. Amadou Gaye, MCC faculty, will discuss the concept of curvature and how we can use this to study DNA. Before coming to MCC, Mr. Gaye worked at Power Systems Dynamics doing mathematical modeling of physicals processes including DNA.