Q:  Do you need help with your math class, preparing for the math placement exam or reviewing before your next math class? 

A:  Although the math club does not offer any tutoring, we do have some suggestions for you.  We have experience taking math classes and these tips worked for us.

Help with your math class:

  • Make use of your instructor's office hours. You can get help from someone who really knows the material, how to explain it, and what to focus on.  Also your instructor will better understand how you learn if you spend more time with them.  Office hours are posted in the class syllabus, on the MCC website (search for your instructor under Contacts), and on their office door.
  • The Learning Enhancement Center (LEC) offers FREE drop in tutoring and tutoring by appointment.  Drop in math tutoring is available in two locations.  For math classes up to MAT 122 go to the Math Foundations Center, MS 100.  For MAT 142 and above you should go to the Math Center, MC 104.  For more information and hours please visit http://www.mesacc.edu/students/tutoring
  • 24 hour free online tutoring is available for most math classes.  Go to your course page in Canvas and look for tutoring on the left.  For more information please visit http://www.mesacc.edu/students/tutoring/online-tutoring
  • Help preparing for the math placement exam or reviewing for your next math class (ALEKS):

  • Taking the math placement exam is an important part of being successful in your math class.  You can't be successful if you're in a class that you aren't prepared for.  Equally frustrating is taking a class and realizing it is too easy for you.  The math placement exam is meant to let you know the right course to take.  You should study before taking it.
  • Have you ever come back from break (summer, winter, or just a break from school) and realized you forgot a lot from your last math class?  You should review before taking your next math class.
  • There is a great affordable way to review/study for the placement exam or for your next math class.  ALEKS, aleks.com, is an online study program students have found really helpful.  Many of the math faculty recommend using this as well.  It costs $20 a month and you go at your own pace.  If you review quickly then it is only $20.  If you need more time then you pay for another month.  This is much cheaper than failing math classes or paying for classes you don't need.  It is an adaptive program that creates a review that covers just what you need.  For more information please read the document below or talk to your math instructor.
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