Greetings fellow math enthusiast, my name is Jeremy Pemberton and I am the Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 Math Club president.

 If you are a returning member, welcome back. If you're new, welcome to the club.

 The MCC Math Club focuses on making math fun!  Here at the MCC Math Club we want to help you learn to enjoy and 

embrace your brain’s ability to do math and use it to succeed in your academic and career future, while meeting people in the

 process. Historically we have been more of a social club than one that has an emphasis on solving complicated mathematical problems. 

Join our meetings, meet some people, maybe go on a field trip, and enjoy yourself! Also, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Great reasons to join the Mathematics Club:

    1.           To promote the study and enjoyment of Mathematics
    2.            Provide a connection between Mesa Community College Staff and its Students.
    3.           To provide a social forum for all Mesa Community College Students.
    4.           Gain a more unique insight and appreciation into the various applications and history of Mathematics through speakers, talks, and engaging activities.
    5.           To engage speakers to give talks to the Math club on various topics concerning the area of Mathematics.