Welcome to the MCC Math Club website! We hope that you will find some fun and useful tools here. Our goal here is to promote the learning of mathematics as well as create an inviting community that provides useful opportunities to its members.


        My name is Devon Booze and I’m the president of the Mesa Community College Math Club. I'm concurrently enrolled at MCC and ASU, and I'm pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. I have participated in NASA's NCAS and L'SPACE academies and aspire to work on interplanetary missions either directly for or contracted by NASA. I also am a "Lead Facility Instructor" for Engineering for Kids. Which really just means I'm in charge of how we get to make a mess with science.

        In my free time I like to make stuff. Holograms in the garage (not as hard as you think), metal casting, 3D-printing, wood working, illustration, etc... The list goes on. Nothing is better than having a vision, planning it, and watching it come together. I do have normal hobbies too; I love music (mostly a hip-hop head though), movies, and going on road trips to visit friends around the country.


        Now, and don't tell Adam, I'm not very fond of math when it comes to its most abstract extremes, but I love learning about it as a tool that can be used to help make something greater. So like it or not, math makes it happen! With that said, I am very grateful to have been welcomed into Math Club surrounded by supportive, knowledgeable, and flexible advisers as well as members. They really make the club what it is.

        On a similar note, I love this campus. I've had a fantastic experience with not only faculty but fellow students. I've encountered amazing opportunities, made a lot of memories, and find there is a genuine sense of community here. I'm honored to help expand on it through the Math Club. Thanks!

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